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Open Country Taxidermy Services

Our local taxidermy service is your leading provider of big game taxidermy and other wildlife taxidermy services. Established in 2006 in La Salle we aim to provide our community with only the best quality preservation services.

At Open Country Taxidermy we have one several competition awards for our precise skill and keen eye for perfection. We placed 2nd in the World Taxidermy Competition in May of 2015, as well as “Best of” in several state competitions, including Nebraska and Colorado!

Open Country Taxidermy 

Big Game and Turkey Taxidermy
in LaSalle, Colorado

With our years of professional taxidermy experience we are your leading provider in the Northern CO area. We specialize in big game catches such as buck, deer, antelope, birds, fish and much more! In addition, we provide African and South American taxidermy services as well.

Our competitive prices and perfectionist attitude aim to provide each of our clients with exceptional results. At Open Country Taxidermy we take our time to treat the skin of each animal and return it to original form through our intricate process.

While we specialize in big game we also provide a long list of services for all types of animals. We also offer turkey taxidermy, game birds, fish, reptile and antler services; we can mount anything you want!

At Open Country Taxidermy our mounting services allow you to show off your memories on a custom pedestal mount. We strive to provide you with the best possible recreation of each specimen to show off your trophies best attributes.

If you seek a company with a reliable and timely turn around rate look no further than Open Country Taxidermy. Our team with nearly 10 years in business has the experience to provide you with all of the best results.

Call us today to learn more about the services that we can provide you with, we ensure you will always be satisfied. Speak to one of our friendly associates at (970) 541-4171 so we can answer any questions that you may have.